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I started a new blog and I would love to have some new followers. It has a different twist than this one, and I have taken a different direction, hence my lack of posts here.

Please check it out, I would appreciate it! … The photo above is of a hawk that is always around me. You can read the story about it here:

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It’s been such a long time….. Exciting things happening!!

I have been so busy lately with my life, I haven’t had time to post. I worked on my book for a while, but have put it down for a bit to work on other things…

I had to take a leave of absence from school because I herniated a disk in my back. I have taken that opportunity to enjoy playing with paint, collage and all kinds of other art mediums. I even got three of my pieces accepted in a local gallery exhibit called “Santa Through The Years”.

My photography started really taking off this July and I had two of my photos featured in an exhibit with many other amazing artists. Currently I have photographs in four exhibits throughout Indiana and also in a local gallery.

The best news of all is I was accepted for TWO solo exhibits at South Shore Arts in Hammond and Crown Point, Indiana in 2012! So exciting!

Here is a link to my website if you want to see some of the photos I have taken:

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Finally writing my book!

My beautiful son Alexander passed away in 2003 from a congenital heart defect. It was the hardest time of my life and I still have my moments where it can be unbearable. The ladies here at Two Peas rallied around me and helped ease the pain of the loss that I was going through.

One thing that has helped me through the loss of my son is receiving the many signs that he has given me thougout the years. I have finally decided to fulfill my dream and write a book that collaborates various stories from people who have had signs from beyond, including my own personal story and signs from my beautiful son.

Up until now, I think the grief and pain was too fresh to write this book, but now it has been over eight years and I feel that this book will be extremely cathartic for myself and for others in a state of sadness and grief.

After my son died, I read a lot of books on the “afterlife” and experiences that people had with their loved ones after they passed away. These books made me feel like my son was closer than I realized and that all of the “signs” I had been given were not mere coincidence, but pure love from the other side.

In this book I will reveal many of the signs that my son has given me and explain his entire story. Alex’s life was only 22 days long, but his memory will live on forever and hopefully through this book, he will touch even more lives.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, and if you want to be a part of my book, I would love to have you! I appreciate and cherish each and every story that is given to me and will hold it in the highest regard.

Please email me your stories to be considered for publication in my book.


What a wonderful way to pay tribute to the ones we miss so dearly.
You can visit the website for my book here: 
Our Angels Await – Stories of Love From Beyond by Lora Mercado

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Reasons not to be crabby…

I am grateful for:

* My beautiful daughter
* Memories of my son
* My hard working husband
* My mom for always helping me out with my daughter
* TRUE friends
* My warm house
* Food in my fridge
* No war in my backyard
* My kitties
* The ability to read, write, think, walk, love
* the feeling of ambition
* the information I have gathered on my ancestors online
* living in the United States
* a full house for my January Scrapbook Retreat!

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Killer Guitar Solo from George Cintron – Music Of Led Zeppelin

I was lucky enough to see the Music of Led Zeppelin show featuring the Northwest Indiana Symphony on Feb 9, 2010. What an awesome show! Check out this YouTube video I posted of the great guitar solo from the concet

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Searching for my ancestors….

I have been wanting to find out more about my family history and where I really come from, so after seeing many commercials on TV about, I decided to take the geneology plunge… Luckily for me, many others from my mother’s family have already compiled information that I can gather easily….  I found out that my grandfather’s mother’s side has been in the country (settled in Maryland) since 1654, only 34 years after the Mayflower came here!!  It is fascinating to me!

My Italian side is harder to find out, but I am anxiously awaiting a packet of info from my grandfather’s brother. I did happen to find some photos of the ships that some of my Di Napoli relatives sailed from Naples to Ellis Island on.

I never was interested in history in school, but now I wish I would have paid more attention. I am really enjoying uncovering the hidden treasures of my family history. I purchased the Family Tree 2010 Platinum edition and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of it, so I can really dive in to this!

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My 2009 Christmas Cards – “Wandering Words” by Stampin’ Up!

Rubber stamped and heat embossed Christmas cards using Stampin’ Up! stamps, inks and cardstock.

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