Searching for my ancestors….

I have been wanting to find out more about my family history and where I really come from, so after seeing many commercials on TV about, I decided to take the geneology plunge… Luckily for me, many others from my mother’s family have already compiled information that I can gather easily….  I found out that my grandfather’s mother’s side has been in the country (settled in Maryland) since 1654, only 34 years after the Mayflower came here!!  It is fascinating to me!

My Italian side is harder to find out, but I am anxiously awaiting a packet of info from my grandfather’s brother. I did happen to find some photos of the ships that some of my Di Napoli relatives sailed from Naples to Ellis Island on.

I never was interested in history in school, but now I wish I would have paid more attention. I am really enjoying uncovering the hidden treasures of my family history. I purchased the Family Tree 2010 Platinum edition and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of it, so I can really dive in to this!


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