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Election Night JITTERS!! ……… VOTE OBAMA!!

I have been on pins and needles for the last 2 months! Hopefully in a few hours I can breathe a sign of relief that MORON John McCain and his DIMWIT sidekick Sarah Palin won’t be running our country!!!

The lines at the polls are amazing! This race is AMAZING and I am PROUD to be a part of it!!




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I voted early yesterday and waited in line for an hour and a half…Not bad. I was PROUD to cast my vote for OBAMA! This country will be priveledged to have him as our President!

I was so impressed with his Political Message last night as well. What a perfect representation of what is really going on in the USA! We need a man like him to put things back in perspective for the working class folks like myself!

I am grateful for my RIGHT TO VOTE!!



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An example of a Palin Lie … “Palinoccio”

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FREE “Obama 2008” Buttons!

Want a free Obama button? MoveOn’s giving them away totally free–no strings attached. I just got mine, and wanted to share the opportunity with you

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