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Sarah Palin – discussed on the Mom Scoop Podcast

Last week I posted a podcast, and I just realized that the wrong episode was uploaded! … Argh! I guess that is what happens when you are trying to upload a podcast while playing with your 4 year old at the same time!! ….

Sooooo, if you were wondering why there was no “Palin Bashing” in my last show, that is why! Sorry folks! Please download Episode 19 again to hear all the Palin bashing you want!

CLICK THE MOUTH to listen to the show!!


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Sarah Palin….a Comparison

This couldn’t have been said any better!


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More Palin Humor…

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If we could hear Palin’s prayers…

I bet they would sound something like this:

Found that photo online and thought it was hilarious!


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Sarah Palin’s email…

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