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Finally writing my book!

My beautiful son Alexander passed away in 2003 from a congenital heart defect. It was the hardest time of my life and I still have my moments where it can be unbearable. The ladies here at Two Peas rallied around me and helped ease the pain of the loss that I was going through.

One thing that has helped me through the loss of my son is receiving the many signs that he has given me thougout the years. I have finally decided to fulfill my dream and write a book that collaborates various stories from people who have had signs from beyond, including my own personal story and signs from my beautiful son.

Up until now, I think the grief and pain was too fresh to write this book, but now it has been over eight years and I feel that this book will be extremely cathartic for myself and for others in a state of sadness and grief.

After my son died, I read a lot of books on the “afterlife” and experiences that people had with their loved ones after they passed away. These books made me feel like my son was closer than I realized and that all of the “signs” I had been given were not mere coincidence, but pure love from the other side.

In this book I will reveal many of the signs that my son has given me and explain his entire story. Alex’s life was only 22 days long, but his memory will live on forever and hopefully through this book, he will touch even more lives.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, and if you want to be a part of my book, I would love to have you! I appreciate and cherish each and every story that is given to me and will hold it in the highest regard.

Please email me your stories to be considered for publication in my book.


What a wonderful way to pay tribute to the ones we miss so dearly.
You can visit the website for my book here: 
Our Angels Await – Stories of Love From Beyond by Lora Mercado


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It’s been a while…

I must apologize for my lack of posting lately! I have been so darn busy with working and running around and taking care of every day life, that I have neglected my dear blog…

Things here are so crazy. My husband’s hours were cut in half and I had to get a part time job as well. I also have been doing everything I can to try to make a buck… Times are so tough all over, I am very grateful that my husband is working at least half time!

Today is a sad day. My friend had to put her beautiful dog Angel to sleep today. I have been helping her out by taking Angel out for potty breaks while my friend was working long hours. The poor dog had cancer and her organs were failing. My friend held onto her as long as she could, but it was time to let her go. I will miss sweet Angel so much… Here is a photo of her with my daughter. We took pics the other day, because we knew she wasn’t going to be around much longer…


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Missing my son on his birthday today…


Happy 6th Birthday my sweet Alex!

Today you would be six years old! So hard to imagine what you would look like. I bet you would be adorable and so much fun to play with. I hope you got the balloons we sent up to heaven to you today. Dad, Samantha and I all wish you were here with us. Life is not the same without you, Buddy….

Although you are gone, I am still so very grateful I am your mommy and you are my son.

My heart and my empty arms still ache for you, and probably always will.

I love you ALEX!

Always & Forever,

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Memories of Alex….

  I just added this link and wanted to share it with everyone…

 A wonderful gal from Two Peas in a Bucket made a beautiful tribute page for my son Alex not long after he passed away. I am soooo very grateful to her for doing that for me.  I just love this page. Please check it out. It means a lot to me.

Just click on the little picture of my baby angel, and it will take you right there. Thanks!

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A Walk to Remember….

Yesterday we went to the Compassionate Friends “Walk to Remember” in our area. Many of you know that I lost my son Alex almost 6 years ago when he was a baby to a Congenital Heart Defect. It has been a long, rough road dealing with the grief of losing a child.

The Compassionate Friends support group helped me through many difficult times. It is a wonderful support group for parents whose child has died, at any age, not just for babies.

Every year, the Compassionate Friends does the walk and it is so nice! The park where we do the walk has a pretty lake that we walk around. When we get halfway around the lake, there is a pier, and everyone releases a boxed Monarch butterfly in memory of their child. This year, as they were reading a beautiful poem about the children, the breeze picked up and you could just feel all of their sweet spirits around us. It was an amazing feeling. I am so glad we were there to experience it! Once of the butterflies even landed on my shoulder and sat there for the longest time!

Here are a few photos from the walk:

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