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“Sparkle Hugs!”

On Wednesday evening, my daughter and I spent some quality time making these cute little “Sparkle Hugs” thingys.

They came in a kit that I bought her for her birthday. She loves to do crafty things and this was a great project for us to do together. What a fun bonding time we had!

I am so grateful for moments like these!




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Pumpkin Patch!

I was afraid we wouldn’t make it to the pumpkin patch yesterday due to the weather, but the rain held out and we got to go! We met my sister, neice and my mom there and had fun checking out the animals and all the pumpkin stuff!

I am truly grateful for moments like these, especially when I can share them with my family!

I can’t wait to scrap these pictures with all of my new FALL goodies!!!!

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I love this photo!

Here I am with my little sweetie at the local county fair last Saturday.

Soooo grateful for moments like these!! I love my baby girl!

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Lots to be grateful for!

1. I am grateful that my home and family weren’t harmed from the tornado that struck 5 miles from us!

2. I am grateful that I FINALLY got my Creative Memories Storybook uploaded and ordered, after 5 days of HELL! Thank goodness for Justin from tech support who helped me for 3 days!

3. I am grateful Samantha got to go to both of the county fairs in the area and had such a great time!

4. I am grateful that my sister’s dog Brandy touched my life with her sweetness. I will miss her so much. She passed away last Friday suddenly. What a beautiful soul she is, and such a pretty golden retreiver! RIP Brandy!

5. I am grateful that Samantha and I had a calm and NOT RUSHED week last week!

6. I am grateful that I got my house cleaned today!!

7. I am grateful that the girl who bounced a check to me paid me back!

8. I am grateful my mom and I have talked on the phone well into the night, almost every night this week! I love my mommy!

9. I am grateful that Tim and Nanette from the “For Whatever Reason” podcast mentioned my podcast on their show.

10. I am grateful for my new Blackberry, what a FUN toy!

11. I am grateful my goldfish’s Fin Rot is going away.

12. I am grateful my family has a full belly tonight and we have a safe place to sleep.

13. I am grateful I had money to fill my gas tank.

14. I am grateful I am healthy and can work.

15. I am grateful for friends.

16. I am grateful I live in America.

17. I am grateful for the $5 gift card I won!

18. I am grateful my computer detected the virus I got earlier!

19. I am grateful Ed made pork chops on the grill tonight.

20. I am grateful for all of the blessings I have, and I have a lot!!

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