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Election Night JITTERS!! ……… VOTE OBAMA!!

I have been on pins and needles for the last 2 months! Hopefully in a few hours I can breathe a sign of relief that MORON John McCain and his DIMWIT sidekick Sarah Palin won’t be running our country!!!

The lines at the polls are amazing! This race is AMAZING and I am PROUD to be a part of it!!




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I voted early yesterday and waited in line for an hour and a half…Not bad. I was PROUD to cast my vote for OBAMA! This country will be priveledged to have him as our President!

I was so impressed with his Political Message last night as well. What a perfect representation of what is really going on in the USA! We need a man like him to put things back in perspective for the working class folks like myself!

I am grateful for my RIGHT TO VOTE!!



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OBAMA is here and I can’t go! =(


I am SOOOOOOOOO irritated!! Obama is having a rally near my town tomorrow night, right in the middle of Trick Or Treat!! I can’t leave my daughter in the lurch for Halloween, so I have to pass on the awesome opportunity. I am so bummed!!

My hubby’s boss offered us special seats directly behind Obama too!! I wish it were later in the night or on a different day! BOO-HOO!!!!

I just would love to be there to see history in the making!!


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Sarah Palin – discussed on the Mom Scoop Podcast

Last week I posted a podcast, and I just realized that the wrong episode was uploaded! … Argh! I guess that is what happens when you are trying to upload a podcast while playing with your 4 year old at the same time!! ….

Sooooo, if you were wondering why there was no “Palin Bashing” in my last show, that is why! Sorry folks! Please download Episode 19 again to hear all the Palin bashing you want!

CLICK THE MOUTH to listen to the show!!

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Palin and the Bush Doctrine ~ Humor

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Sarah Palin….a Comparison

This couldn’t have been said any better!


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More Palin Humor…

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