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Anniversary Flowers

I received these beautiful roses from my dear hubby yesterday for our 8 year anniversary…Awwww! He also gave me a big ole bag of M&M’s!! YUM!

I am so grateful for my hard working husband who provides for us so well.


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Feeling Sad =(

My sweet little baby girl is starting her first day of school tomorrow. Granted it is only Pre-K, but none the less, I am feeling quite sad that she has grown up so quickly.

I am happy that she is so excited and looking forward to it so eagerly, but I just can’t help to feel a strange sense of separation that I am not used to….just another milestone in the path of many more to come…..

I think I need to make a list:

1. I am grateful for my daughter being healthy and happy and ready to start school.

2. I am grateful Ed took me out to eat a LOT this past week.

3. I am sooo grateful Ed changed the litterbox tonight!!

4. I am grateful Ed made us breakfast this morning.

5. I am grateful I finished cleaning out one of the linen closets.

6. I am grateful Hurricane Gustov didn’t cause too many problems.

7. I am grateful I am healthy and safe.

8. I am grateful I got another person signed up for the Oct scrapbook retreat today!

9. I am grateful I sold some of my extra Stampin Up stuff!

10. I am grateful I have a lot of gas in my truck!


……….Looks like I don’t have much to be sad about….Ahhhhh, the power of GRATITUDE!!! 😉



Good night.

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How do I resist this face???

Isn’t this the sweetest little freakin’ face you have ever seen?

I am on the fence right now about purchasing this cute little Bichon, whom I will call “Dudley”. On the fence, leaning more to one side, is the statement I should be making… I went to WalMart and PetsMart today and bought everything I would need “in case” I decide to buy him…. I also told the breeder I would be there on Sunday to get him…. BUT I am still not 100% sure! haa!!

I actually wanted to go pick him up today, but it was too late by the time my hubby got home. PLUS, we are having a big block party on our street tomorrow and I don’t want to be all tired and crabby from lack of sleep from the puppy, ya know? …

Sooooooo, we’ll see what happens, but I think I will be having another family member shortly! The breeder said that the puppy was rejected by his mom and she didn’t want anything to do with him. He was the 7th and last of the litter. So, the Maltese that had pups the day before took him as her own and nursed him. Isn’t that sweet, yet sad? I hope it all works out and I make the right decision. I hope my 2 cats don’t flip out either! YIKES!!!!!

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I love this photo!

Here I am with my little sweetie at the local county fair last Saturday.

Soooo grateful for moments like these!! I love my baby girl!

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Lots to be grateful for!

1. I am grateful that my home and family weren’t harmed from the tornado that struck 5 miles from us!

2. I am grateful that I FINALLY got my Creative Memories Storybook uploaded and ordered, after 5 days of HELL! Thank goodness for Justin from tech support who helped me for 3 days!

3. I am grateful Samantha got to go to both of the county fairs in the area and had such a great time!

4. I am grateful that my sister’s dog Brandy touched my life with her sweetness. I will miss her so much. She passed away last Friday suddenly. What a beautiful soul she is, and such a pretty golden retreiver! RIP Brandy!

5. I am grateful that Samantha and I had a calm and NOT RUSHED week last week!

6. I am grateful that I got my house cleaned today!!

7. I am grateful that the girl who bounced a check to me paid me back!

8. I am grateful my mom and I have talked on the phone well into the night, almost every night this week! I love my mommy!

9. I am grateful that Tim and Nanette from the “For Whatever Reason” podcast mentioned my podcast on their show.

10. I am grateful for my new Blackberry, what a FUN toy!

11. I am grateful my goldfish’s Fin Rot is going away.

12. I am grateful my family has a full belly tonight and we have a safe place to sleep.

13. I am grateful I had money to fill my gas tank.

14. I am grateful I am healthy and can work.

15. I am grateful for friends.

16. I am grateful I live in America.

17. I am grateful for the $5 gift card I won!

18. I am grateful my computer detected the virus I got earlier!

19. I am grateful Ed made pork chops on the grill tonight.

20. I am grateful for all of the blessings I have, and I have a lot!!

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For this I am grateful…

1. I am grateful for the teaparty I had with Samantha yesterday.

2. I am grateful I got to see Rick Springfield sing “Jessie’s Girl” on Oprah today! God, I love that man!! =)

3. I am grateful that I have enough food to eat for me and my family.

4. I am grateful that I know how to use the computer.

5. I am grateful that I got a nice chunk of change today for advertising on one of my sites!

6. I am grateful Samantha got to spend quality time with her Abuela yesterday.

7. I am grateful I have a lot of pictures of Samantha that I can scrapbook.

8. I am grateful that I have a lot of things scheduled this week.

9. I am grateful Ed bought so many goodies at the store for us!

10. I am grateful for my entire family and friends and anyone who reads my blog! =)

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Crabby, but grateful!

I was very irritable today, so all the more reason to focus on the positive things…

1. I am grateful for hanging out with Samantha while she takes a bath.

2. I am grateful that I got a new RED Blackberry today! I LOVE IT!

3. I am grateful that my scrapbook crop last weekend was a hit and everyone had a good time.

4. I am grateful that we went out to eat tonight, even though I flipped the bill.

5. I am grateful my mom and I talked for a while tonight, even though we said we didn’t have time to.

6. I am grateful my sister called me today, even though I am still irritated with her.

7. I am grateful that I live in a safe neighborhood.

8. I am grateful that Samantha is healthy and happy.

9. I am grateful that Samantha had fun at Kindermusik yesterday.

10. I am grateful Ed is doing well at his new career.

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