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My 2009 Christmas Cards – “Wandering Words” by Stampin’ Up!

Rubber stamped and heat embossed Christmas cards using Stampin’ Up! stamps, inks and cardstock.


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Feeling Sad =(

My sweet little baby girl is starting her first day of school tomorrow. Granted it is only Pre-K, but none the less, I am feeling quite sad that she has grown up so quickly.

I am happy that she is so excited and looking forward to it so eagerly, but I just can’t help to feel a strange sense of separation that I am not used to….just another milestone in the path of many more to come…..

I think I need to make a list:

1. I am grateful for my daughter being healthy and happy and ready to start school.

2. I am grateful Ed took me out to eat a LOT this past week.

3. I am sooo grateful Ed changed the litterbox tonight!!

4. I am grateful Ed made us breakfast this morning.

5. I am grateful I finished cleaning out one of the linen closets.

6. I am grateful Hurricane Gustov didn’t cause too many problems.

7. I am grateful I am healthy and safe.

8. I am grateful I got another person signed up for the Oct scrapbook retreat today!

9. I am grateful I sold some of my extra Stampin Up stuff!

10. I am grateful I have a lot of gas in my truck!


……….Looks like I don’t have much to be sad about….Ahhhhh, the power of GRATITUDE!!! 😉



Good night.

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