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A Walk to Remember….

Yesterday we went to the Compassionate Friends “Walk to Remember” in our area. Many of you know that I lost my son Alex almost 6 years ago when he was a baby to a Congenital Heart Defect. It has been a long, rough road dealing with the grief of losing a child.

The Compassionate Friends support group helped me through many difficult times. It is a wonderful support group for parents whose child has died, at any age, not just for babies.

Every year, the Compassionate Friends does the walk and it is so nice! The park where we do the walk has a pretty lake that we walk around. When we get halfway around the lake, there is a pier, and everyone releases a boxed Monarch butterfly in memory of their child. This year, as they were reading a beautiful poem about the children, the breeze picked up and you could just feel all of their sweet spirits around us. It was an amazing feeling. I am so glad we were there to experience it! Once of the butterflies even landed on my shoulder and sat there for the longest time!

Here are a few photos from the walk:

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