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Ike taking his toll on the Midwest! … My Backyard!!

This is what we woke up to this morning! … It is still raining, but seems to be slowing down. It is getting close to the house! The leftovers of Hurricane Ike are hitting the midwest! Amazing that is still has such force, so far from where it came from! … scroll down to how it looked last night, and I thought that was bad! The creek is sooo deep right now!

I know this is nothing compared to what the folks in Texas are going through, so I am grateful this is the only damage we have so far!


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Rising Waters…


Ok, the water has risen quite a bit in the last 5 hours. We emptied out the bottom of the shed, and are hoping it doesn’t flood. We are supposed to get a lot more rain tonight and tomorrow, so I hope things will be ok!!!

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